Mercy Access

Mercy Access

Mercy Access was launched in 2016 and aims to further the government policy “Closing the Gap” and increase school completion rates for Indigenous students. It is based in Shepparton, Victoria and with the assistance of trained volunteers, provides support with the intention of improving literacy and numeracy levels. This in turn leads to better employment prospects and an enhanced ability to sustain the Indigenous culture. The program also includes an after-school homework club for primary school students.

If you’re passionate about helping indigenous students and have experience working in a school setting, consider volunteering for Mercy Access.

You’ll meet new people, share ideas and receive ongoing support from the Project Co-ordinator, In-school Co-ordinator and other volunteers.

Click here for an application form or more information on volunteering for Mercy Access.

To donate or speak to our Mercy Access Coordinator please call Sr Agnes or Anita on 0428 996 975 or send an email to

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