Mercy House of Welcome

Mercy House of Welcome

Mercy House of Welcome, located in Kilburn, a suburb of Adelaide, is a place for asylum seekers to come together and receive settlement and visa support. Without any legal rights, welfare support or the right to work while they await the outcome of their application, the situation of these asylum seekers is very grim with an inevitable and devastating impact on their mental and physical health. We offer a number of services including budget counselling, English lessons, art classes, gardening, assistance with accommodation, bills, food, clothing legal support and companionship.

There are currently over 400 clients being supported by the Mercy House of Welcome with legal support being a major need for most. So far, over 100 applications for protection visas have been completed by our pro bono legal team but the outcome is uncertain as many have already received double negative responses on previous applications.

If you’re passionate about helping Asylum Seekers adjust to their new life in Australia, consider volunteering for the Mercy House of Welcome.

You’ll play a role in overcoming racism in Australia and in breaking down cross-cultural barriers.

You’ll meet new people, share ideas and receive ongoing support from the Project Co-ordinator.

Click here for an application form or for more information on volunteering for the Mercy House of Welcome.

To donate to the Mercy House of Welcome or speak to the Coordinators, please contact Meredyth on 0434 450 666 or Emma on 0423 093 032. Alternatively, send an email to

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