Mercy Support

Mercy Support

We can’t be everywhere, so if someone comes to us with an existing endeavour that is aligned with our mission, we do everything we can to help. Here are some of the current programs that we support with external partners.

Toowoomba Migrant and Refugee Support (TRAMS)

The TRAMS project provides social participation, economic wellbeing, independence and community connectedness via enhanced weekly English classes for women from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds.

TRAMS also supports asylum seekers through the Dignity Project which involves individual case work and legal advice and support.

Honey Ants Children’s Club

The Honey Ants Children’s Club is an active Indigenous academic and recreational after-school program catering for Aboriginal children between the ages of three and fifteen from the Davenport community near Port Augusta in South Australia. The children who participate in the program come from a low socio-economic family background and are often placed in the care of grandparents, many of whom have little disposable income, to provide extra learning experiences. In addition to providing nourishing refreshments, the specialized program cultivates skills in language learning, science, maths, reading, health, hygiene and creative writing – to name a few.

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