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Each Voice Counts!

Our world is hurting right now and there are ways we can respond. We have an opportunity, in an election year, to advocate for a better path. Each voice really does count.

Mercy Works attended an inspiring Women Leaders Network Breakfast this morning thanks to Micah Australia with like minded women to hear and chat about the most pressing issues faced by our communities and how to be best equipped to respond.

Executive Director Sally Bradley RSM and Member for Warringah Zali Steggall at the Micah Women’s Leadership Breakfast at Ultimo on Wednesday morning

With the theme the World We See, women leading change with their organisations on the ground in Africa, India and the Ukrainian Border – Kuki Rokhum, Asuntha Charles & Caroline Brennan – shared the impact the current devastation across the globe is having on women and children, via video.

Executive Director, Sally Bradley RSM, Tim Costello, OA and Micah Executive Director, and Communications Coordinator Jo Casamento at the Micah Women’s Leadership Breakfast at Ultimo

Zali Steggall, OAM, Member for Warringah, stated we all need to engage politically, sharing this story:

“I was presented with some statistics in 2019 that young women aged between 18 and 25 were asked who would be interested in politics. And zero percent were interested in politics. And that horrifies me as a statistic.

“And to paraphrase someone else, if you’re not around the table you’re a meal, right? If you are not part of the decision making, decisions will be made that will impact your lives, that will impact the lives of your families and your children and you won’t have a say.

“So it’s not good enough, and I’m sorry no one gets a leave pass, it’s not good enough to sit on the sidelines.. we can all make a difference. Each voice counts.”

Tim Costello, AO, current Executive Director of Micah Australian and Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia, talked with passion about making sure our leaders commit to a safer world for all. Micah is calling on Australians to make a difference, especially in an election year. Their statement reads:

“When leaders choose war, it is the vulnerable who suffer. Pregnant mothers are forced to flee, children must abandon their education, families are left without food or shelter.

“Australia can help by opening our doors to people fleeing conflict and providing life-saving aid for those who stay.

“But in recent times we’ve accepted fewer refugees, we’ve become less generous with our aid. We can call on all parties to help make a safer world for all by committing to reverse cuts to our refugee program, to increase life-saving humanitarian aid to hotspots and to rebuild Australian Aid.”

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