What We Do


Wewak is located on the main northern coast of PNG in Sepik province. An area of high humidity and rainfall, malaria is a common problem. Education, employment and social issues are also significant.

Water Tanks

The East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea is comprised of numerous remote villages and thousands of inhabitants without any access to clean water. Villagers use the same water to wash clothes, bathe and drink. They’d previously been told to add bleach to drinking water completely unaware of the associated dangers. In 2016, Mercy Works undertook a 3 year project to provide clean and safe drinking water for these communities with the installation of 34 water tanks and community education programs.

Catherine McAuley Women’s Health Project

The Catherine McAuley Women’s Health project aims to increase awareness of HPV cervical cancer and educate women about effective preventative measures they can take to help prevent the spread of this disease. Working with the local community this project  upskilled staff and put in processes that ultimately help make good health and wellbeing a sustainable goal for the women for the East Sepik Province. This project is working towards the prevention of HPV cervical cancer within the Wewak community and was completed in September 2021.

Yarapos Secondary School

Founded by Mercy Sisters in 1963, this school provides education up to Year 12. We’ve supported a number of projects here over the years. It has 700 boarders and 100 day students. Students come from all over PNG. Many have to spend the entire year at school because home is just too remote and difficult to get to. Mercy Works also supported the installation of a satellite in 2016 so that Wi-Fi is accessible for the computer technology lab at the school.  This has enabled greater access to the world via the internet and will play a big role in helping educate the students for the modern world.

Building Projects

Mercy Works has commenced work on building a special needs area and improving sanitation at Yarapos Secondary School. This project will improve access to education for those students living with disabilities.

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