How to Help

Buy a gift card

Gifts of Mercy – Show people you care for them and for those in need.
By giving a Gift of Mercy card, you will be making a donation to one of Mercy Works’ vital projects on behalf of a friend or loved one.

They are ideal for Christmas, birthdays, christenings, and weddings or simply as a thank you gift. There are a number of Gifts of Mercy to choose from, each supporting our work helping communities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and the Philippines.

Buy a card now on this website

Step 1 –

Select from the beautiful cards available

Step 2 –

Choose how much you want your gift to be

Step 3 –

Complete your details and make your payment

That’s it!

We use Paypal to handle the payment side of things – you can use debit or credit card or your Paypal account if you have one. Your transaction is secure.

You’ll then receive your printed card explaining how your donation is helping a project. You can send the card to your friend or loved one with your own personal message. Your donation amount will not be printed on the card. Gifts of Mercy are fully tax deductible.

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