What We Do

Indigenous Projects


By supporting a Child Care project in the western suburbs of Sydney, Mercy Works has enabled the Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation to provide a culturally sensitive program each Wednesday. While the children embrace enthusiastically basic pre-school activities, their mothers participate in a program to help improve mental health and confidence through a cultural exploration of different artistic media.

This program enables the young mothers and their children access to services they would not have due to their lower economic status. The provision of early learning services has helped to prepare the children for transition into the next stage of their educational journey.

This project has proved to be a refuge for the Mums while providing an educational experience for their children!

Prospering After Prison

Located in Port Augusta, South Australia the Prospering After Prison program aims to assist Aboriginal women as they transition from prison and back into the community.

Upon release from prison, Aboriginal women are supported one to one with dedicated case workers to start the process of building personal and financial resilience and connection to their chosen community across the Far North and Eyre & Western regions of South Australia.

This program provides the crucial support system for these women as they face significant barriers to improve their capacity and confidence, establishing a home and integrating back into their chosen community.

Developing better living skills, helping with cultural healing, community connectedness and building financial and personal resilience are the key focuses of the Prospering After Prison project.

At a time when they are most vulnerable and at risk of re-offending, these women are given pastoral support and assistance in navigating the transition from prison to everyday life.

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