What We Do

Port Moresby

Ginigoada Training Program

This program provides basic skills development programs, short term training courses and mobile training programs and is aimed at giving young people in Port Moresby the skills to seek employment or develop income generation markets. The mobile training component of the program runs over 22 locations with over 2,500 participants and delivers a two-week basic personal skills course that builds on a number of underpinning skills towards further vocational training. This activity is part of a larger program aiming to with help young men and women who are particularly vulnerable within communities to become self-reliant. One aspect of the larger program is providing practical support and assistance to young women and girls who are at risk of abuse and violence.

Street Ministry

This five-year program focuses on focuses on children between 8 to 14 years of age from the Vadavada, Erima and Mangumine settlements in Port Moresby. Literacy classes are held twice a week followed by a nutritious meal as the diets of the children are inadequate. Many of the children beg, steal or help with parking cars to earn a little cash. Children are being encouraged to go to school and support is given for uniforms and stationery. Most of the children are from single parent households and nearly all parents are unemployed. What little money the family has is often spent on drinking and gambling and children are left to fend for themselves


Teacher Training

This five-year project supports young men and women from remote village communities to be trained as teachers.  After completing their 3-year teacher training course at the Sacred Heart Teacher’s College, the teachers return to their own villages to re-open and establish Primary schools in their own village.

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