What We Do


Simbu Province is a rugged mountainous area located in the central Highlands. It is the smallest province in Papua New Guinea in terms of land area, and the most densely populated. Access to basic services such as education and health care remains limited especially for those living in remote areas. 

Simbu comprises six districts and covers 20 Local Level Government areas (LLGs).  Land and water are the main natural resources used for livelihoods and these are generally accessible to the people of Simbu. The main constraint for farmers is a lack of access to markets. There is a significant lack of access to non-formal education of the type that Mercy Works provides, such as living skills and technical training. This is a prominent reason for the limited opportunities for young people, especially as employment prospects are very low.

Transitioning Into Simbu

The most significant development issues that were highlighted during the 2019 Needs Assessment report were: the lack of opportunities for young people, and associated problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, social and cultural breakdown including family breakdown, a handout mentality, political influence in communities linked with corruption and tribal fighting, and gender based violence including sorcery related violence and child abuse.

Related to these are various human rights concerns, rights for children, people living with a disability, women, prisoners, to life and security, to information, the right to education, to basic health, and the rights and responsibilities of communities.

Programs & Activities

In 2020, Mercy Works began working in the Simbu Province and will be focusing on the following programs and activities to address the developmental needs of the community:

  • Small, Medium Enterprise training
  • Life skills training and technical training
  • Facilitating the formation and strengthening of community self-help groups or co-operatives
  • Other activities for young people
  • Rehabilitation activities for prisoners in Barawagi Prison
  • Networking and partnership possibilities
  • Radio Program across the Highlands
  • Agricultural and farming activities
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