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High mortality rates and malnutrition leading to stunted growth are prevalent amongst the people of Maucatar. Insufficient protein in the local diet, lack of clean water and poor sanitation have been identified as the main contributing factors, which have the most detrimental effects on pregnant women and children.

Mercy Works is supporting a nutrition project to combat these health issues in this remote part of the Cova Lima district in Timor-Leste. Two methods have been identified to improve the protein intake of the people in the region. One focus is on the health of women before and after giving birth. Eggs are given to those who visit the Teresa Orsini Maternity Clinic. This dietary supplement is aimed at increasing the protein levels of these women, and their children.

The other focus is to supply chickens to a large number of families in 22 villages in the surrounding area. As the chickens lay eggs, the villagers have access to a regular and ongoing source of protein to supplement their diet.

Mercy Works is pleased to be involved in this nutrition project in partnership with the Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy in Timor-Leste.


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